Independent Financial Markets Research Limited

We Provide independent research on hunderts of companies to major broker dealers as well as to the buy-side. Available through BNY Jaywalk, Reuters, Institutional Research Services, Inc. and directly on the web.

Pronet Limited

Pronet provides investment advice and actionable trading strategies to lots of companies

Gambling Research Services

With many jurisdictions introducing new licensing for online and land-based gambling it has never been more important to have access to reliable intelligence. Some of the top online casinos that can be found here rely on IIR Group's services to take new market shares.

III Research

Providing research on global companies and currencies, for broker-dealers, investment banks, money managers and private clients world-wide

III Research is a leading source for impartial research and strategy for global equities and foreign exchange.

The company was admitted to the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange in 2000, and operates through two subsidiaries: Pronet Limited (Regulated and Authorised by the Financial Services Authority in the UK, and registered as an Investment Advisor with the Securities Exchange Commission in the USA) has been ranked consistently in the global top-five independent currency research firms, whilst its Independent Financial Markets Research Limited majority-owned subsidiary has become the leading specialist in the United States for the provision of research on non-US companies (primarily those with American Depositary Receipt programs).

The company is headquartered in London, with research and development facilities operating in China and India. Key distribution partners are BNY Jaywalk, Inc., Reuters PLC, Institutional Research Services, Inc., and Bloomberg LP (PRON) as well as a number of specialist distribution partners in China who are focused specifically on introducing FX research services to the rapidly developing currency markets in that country.

Services and Products

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Global Equity Research

Our Global Equity Research combines currency analysis with bottom-up fundamental research to provide unique research into some of the world’s biggest companies.

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GEO Monitor™

A specialist practice within the III Research combining language and research skills to assemble a dynamic database of the world’s upcoming public offerings which will be of most interest to institutional clients.

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Bespoke Research

Fundamental or quantitative research products or assignments exclusively tailored to client requirements.

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Pronet Analytics

A live, streaming view of the real-time condition of global currencies. History, the current market, it's direction, and likely extent of the move are all displayed in a single, highly visual display.

Techniques Used

The analytic techniques embodied in in our products and services are based upon retracement techniques, combining the parameter of time to identify a set of cycles.



These techniques are widely applied to the financial and commodity markets for assessment of market direction and for identification and management of risk.

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Because of the variation between the length of the cycles within each fib, there is often a correlation between different directors in different fibs. For example, the convergence of the Red [d5] and Yellow [d6] directors on ...