Research Oracle™

What is The Research Oracle™?

The Research Oracle™ is the new forum for international equity investors, where you will be able to access high quality equity research and eventually voice your views and analysis of trading opportunities. The firm behind it is Independent International Investment Research Plc (IIR). We are getting the ball rolling by making our entire global research inventory available to you in phases over the up-coming period.

Our institutional clients already benefit from our research reports delivered through their proprietary websites; access to our analysts; access to company management; short-term actionable trading strategies; and bespoke research services.


Typically for an asset manager our service costs $100,000 per year, or $30,000 per year per individual market sector. For a broker-dealer to white label our research and re-distribute the complete coverage universe, with some bespoke research components, would typically cost in excess of $2mn per year.

We’re aware that not all clients need this level of service, and certainly don’t want to pay these fee levels.

So, at The Research Oracle™ you can access our research reports, and all updates at the same time as they are released through Reuters, Bloomberg, Thomson and other platforms, free of charge.

IIR provides in-depth research on over 400 international companies and our long only portfolio is rated in the top-3 research performers by Investars.

Our research is used already by seven major broker dealers and is rated highly by several major hedge funds. Our activities are Regulated and Authorised in the UK by the FSA, and we are registered as an investment advisor with the SEC. IIR is traded on the London Stock Exchange, and our Head of Research was formally Managing Director of Equity Research at TIAA-CREF in New York, one of the world’s largest private pension funds.

What does it cost?

We make our money through advertising on the site. You save your money for your trading account.

Can I link to your research?

If you are a broker, you can link to our site to provide IIR’s research to your clients. If you are a retail research consumer, you can access it directly from this site.