Pronet Limited

Focusing on foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives, Pronet provides investment advice and actionable trading strategies to clients including Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CIBC and others. No independent ranking exists for analysts in the forex industry, but Pronet is highly regarded in the marketplace and has been ranked in the top-5 firms for the last three years by the industry's benchmark publication, FX Week. The reputation of the firm stands on unequivocal and high-performing research recommendations, which are based upon a skilled reading of the technical condition of the market.

Pronet's unique format combines a live, streaming graphic with proprietary indicators, overlaid with Graphiti (abbreviation for Graphics with Integrated Text Intelligence). Graphiti is authored by Pronet's highly-rated analysts, beginning at 07h00GMT and ending at 23h00 GMT. The service is distributed by means of java-enabled browser, so it is available anywhere, anytime. Clients can also re-distribute Pronet's research using its proprietary Pronet G-Mail web-based e-mail functionality. As a market professional you may qualify for a free evaluation of the service email us at

Pronet Limited is the technical research unit and wholly-owned operating subsidiary of III Research.