Global Equity Research

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III Research has been selected by seven of Wall Street’s major broker-dealers to provide global equity research to their clients. III Research combines its unique pedigree in foreign currency analysis, with bottom-up fundamental research into companies (as well as an examination of the technical condition of the company’s stock), to provide clients with research coverage into global investment opportunities – but expressed in the client’s own currency after consideration of the anticipated currency impact over the investment horizon.

investars1An innovative approach to researching some of the world’s largest companies: fundamental research with consideration of currency impact for investors taking positions in shares denominated outside their base currency.

Our Global Equity Research has consistently been ranked in the top-five for Long positions by independent research evaluation agency Investars


Our Global Equity Research coverage consists of over 300 stocks. The coverage cycle consists of:

Initiation Reports

Initiation Reports are issued at the start of coverage to provide a thorough analysis of the stock and includes:

Update Reports

Update reports are published on a quarterly basis. Assumptions, valuation and ratings are reviewed and each report includes:

Company News Alerts

Company News Alerts are issued within 24 hours of significant newsflow including:

Access to Analysts

Access to our analysts is also available